Social Media Marketing

Achieving Success With Social Media Marketing

Having a social media account for your business is a good start, but it’s not enough to fully utilize the potential of the platform. Social media marketing (SMM) is about creating a concrete strategy that uses those profiles to increase brand awareness, expand your reach, build connections, engage with customers, and even boost the efficiency of other marketing campaigns.

If you are not working with the best marketing companies in the area, then you are missing out on that potential. And the potential with social media is massive. It’s one of the fastest growing digital marketing mediums out there. It’s extremely flexible and versatile. Not only does it work well by itself, but it can substantially boost the efforts of an SEO or video marketing campaign.

Is An SMM Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia Necessary?

This is an important question that a lot of business owners in Philadelphia ask themselves. It makes sense to question any potential investment. They want to learn if there are any real benefits and if there will be a return on their investment. Otherwise, social media marketing could simply be pushed aside for other, more traditional, digital marketing strategies.

How do you determine if investing in Philadelphia marketing agencies is a necessary expense? One way to evaluate the decision is by looking at the statistics. There are plenty of statistics that support the efficiency of social media marketing.

How about that 71 percent of all consumers who have a positive experience with a brand via a social media platform are likely to recommend that brand to their friends? This statistic highlights one of the crucial benefits of using social media: the growth factor.

If one person has a positive experience with your company, then ten more people are likely to check out your page because of that one experience. If each of them have a positive experience, then at least 7 of them will recommend additional friends. This number and network keep expanding and expanding as long as you are providing them with a positive experience each time.

What sort of potential for growth does that network have? It’s extremely massive. Consider that there are nearly 1.7 billion social media accounts that are active across the globe. That number keeps growing because every day there are more than 1 million new active accounts created. If you aren’t using a digital marketing Philadelphia company to improve your social media marketing, then you are missing out on a huge audience.

Social media sites have a huge influence on consumer decisions. In 2014, Facebook influenced 36 percent of consumers’ purchases that took place online and offline. In 2015, that percentage increased to 52 percent. If you’re selling a product or service, then you need the support of these giants behind you. Just having a Facebook profile isn’t enough to garnish that influence. You need the help of marketing companies near me that specialize in SMM.

One final statistic to consider is that social media marketing has double the lead-to-close rate of outbound marketing. This is an important stat to consider for all those who think SMM should be pushed aside for older, more traditional marketing techniques.

A Step Away From The Stats.

Not all of the benefits of SMM are so easily quantified with statistics. Your choice to work with the best marketing companies Philadelphia has to offer might involve more than just numbers. What other core benefits does this marketing technique offer to the average business owner?

How about the correlation between social media and other marketing techniques? Have you already invested in launching an SEO campaign? If so, then you should consider how social media can substantially boost the efficiency of that campaign.

Consistent incoming traffic will help any website climb that organic search results much faster than usual. Social media happens to be a great tool for driving traffic to your website on a daily basis. Every post that you make is a chance to pull in new traffic. It’s possible for a single link to bring in more than 20,000 new visitors in a weekend. It’s all about the content you’re sharing and who you are sharing it with.

Remaining one of the best marketing firms Philadelphia offers requires understanding how to integrate social media marketing with search engine optimization, PPC marketing, video marketing, content marketing, and more. Each of these strategies is powerful in its own right but reaches a new level of potential when combined with social media.

Get Help From Philadelphia Marketing Agencies.

Using social media might seem like second nature, but SMM is something entirely different. It’s a fairly young marketing strategy in comparison to some others. Many of the techniques that are most effective will change soon and then change again. It is still a constantly evolving field that requires attention around the clock to be successful.

You shouldn’t have to deal with running a business and an intense marketing campaign at the same time. Instead, focus on providing quality products and customer service while the marketing agency focuses on building your online presence.

A marketing agency will take the time to evaluate each and every post made on behalf of a company’s profile. There are no blunders or emotional posts that might ruin a company’s reputation. Every post is based on experience, research, and calculations. Social media marketing is a complicated, yet powerful tool. When used properly, it can launch your business to entirely new heights.