Philadelphia Web Design

Your Business Could Benefit From Philadelphia Web Design

Your website is the equivalent of a storefront if you owned a brick and mortar business. People aren’t likely to go into a store if the front looks run down, boring, dirty, or chaotic. Philadelphia web design experts can help you turn your digital storefront into something that will attract visitors. And not only that, but it will help improve your brand credibility, assist your marketing efforts, and convert visitors into paying customers.

No matter what sort of business you run, having a properly designed website is crucial. Not only does it need to look good, but it needs to be laid out in a way that is easy to navigate, it needs to be responsive, it needs to load fast, and it needs to be optimized for search engines. In these ways, a website becomes far more complicated than a traditional store front.

Philadelphia Web Design Turns Dreams To Reality.

Do you have a dream or vision for your website? A lot of business owners do, but they don’t possess the technical skills to turn that vision into a reality. Sure, you could spend several hours a day learning to design web pages. After years of learning, you could finally turn that vision into a reality, but who is going to manage your business during that time? And what about family or social life?

Rather than attempting to master the art of web design yourself, it’s a better idea to simply work closely with a professional web design company. It will save you countless hours of learning and you can see results after only a short period of time.

Web design experts understand the various components of designing a web page, how they work independently, and how they work together. Let’s look at some of the different components of web design that must always be addressed.

SEO And Content Layout.

One final design aspect that the experts must consider is the layout of text and the optimization of the website. Website design is not an isolated field. It affects many other aspects of managing a business. In particular, it goes hand-in-hand with search engine optimization. There are many areas of on-site optimization that must be addressed.

And not only must they be addressed, but in the right quantities. For instance, too many keywords on a page and Google will take notice. They refer to this as “keyword stuffing” and it’s bad. On the other hand, if there’s not enough, then Google won’t notice your site at all. Philadelphia web design experts know the magic number and where to put those keywords.

The actual layout of the content and how much content is on a single page is important as well. Not only for SEO but for human readability. Most people don’t want to read a huge chunk of text. Even if what they are looking for is inside that text. Content must be organized with a certain amount of finesse to keep the reader engaged.

Simple Navigation.

Navigating a website should be simple and intuitive. A Philadelphia web design expert can lay out your pages so that navigating from any one page to another should never take more than three clicks. The more clicks it takes for a visitor to get somewhere, the more likely they are to bounce away from your website.

If a site has poor navigation, then the rest of the content won’t really matter because it will never be read. Good navigation usually translates into simplicity. There should be links at the top and bottom, a bar at the side, and as few additional elements as possible. The fewer the elements, the easier the page is to understand.

Responsive Web Design.

Do you know the screen size of your laptop? How about your desktop, your tablet, and your smartphone? Chances are, they all have different screen sizes. However, many people design their websites with a specific screen size in mind and no chance to adapt.

Responsive design should be mandatory in this day and age. It refers to the site’s ability to detect and adapt to different devices and different screen sizes. This means your site looks the same or is just as functional on a smartphone as it is on a desktop.

Even Google refers to responsive web design as the best practice of the industry. If you were to listen to any company when it comes to web design, it would be Google. After all, what Google likes is good for your site in terms of SEO. It even makes it easier for their bots to crawl and index your site.

The older technique was to create two separate websites. One was designed for desktop and the other for a mobile device. The website would detect which you were using and then redirect you accordingly. That meant Google had to crawl several versions of a single site. It was a lot of extra work and they didn’t like it.

Philadelphia web design experts understand the various implications of responsive web design. Especially considering that users on mobile devices are more likely to make purchases online. By making your site responsive to these users, you are increasing your chances of gaining new customers.

Blending Fields.

Some of these concepts may seem better suited for a marketing agency. Oddly enough, many marketing agencies do employ web design professionals. Philadelphia web design and Philadelphia digital marketing are so closely related that they work best when they work together.