Philadelphia SEO Expert

Your Business Needs A Philadelphia SEO Expert

You’re running your business and things are going smoothly, but you know that they could be better. It’s as if there is something missing that would push your Philadelphia business over the edge towards to greatness. If you aren’t working with a Philadelphia SEO expert, then there is something you are missing. Search engine optimization(SEO) is often what’s missing from any good business that has the potential to be great.

There are a lot of important qualities that separate Philadelphia SEO from other marketing and advertising methods. Qualities like affordability and flexibility make SEO an indispensable investment. However, it’s the legitimacy and longevity of SEO that really makes it one of the best. If you are running an honest business with your best efforts, then SEO can help keep you afloat for the entirety of your career. If you’re running a sham business, then it will actually only hurt your website in the long run.

The Help Of A Philadelphia SEO Expert.

What happens when you take the time to hire a Philadelphia SEO agency? Ideally, they set a goal that includes three things:

1. Search phrases.

2. A Timeline.

3. And a ranking on a search engine (usually Google).

When you combine these three aspects you might get a goal like this: “My website will be ranked number 3 for ‘Mechanics in Atlanta’ within the next 6 months”. All three of these aspects are very flexible. You could try for a shorter time frame or a higher ranking, but each aspect impacts the other.

For example, the search phrase or keyword you choose is going to have qualities of its own. These two qualities are:

1. Search volume.

2. Competition.

There are additional qualities, but these two are among the most important. The goal is to find a search phrase with a high search volume, but less competition. If you are using the same search phrase as multi-million dollar corporations, then you will have a very hard time getting a decent ranking, even if the volume is very high.

You could also consider “relevancy” a quality of a search phrase that a Philadelphia SEO company must consider. They could likely create a list of hundreds of keywords with high volume and low competition, but they won’t be related to your website, your audience, or your niche at all. Relevancy must be considered first and from there a list of key phrases are generated. Only then are the volume and competition qualities considered.

But what does all of this mean for you and your business? What good is finding a keyword and reaching a ranking? Does the work of a Philadelphia SEO consultant really make a difference? Absolutely.

Why Bother With A Philadelphia SEO Firm?

When you Google a phrase, do you start looking at results on the second or third page first? Chances are, you start from the top and click the first link you see that seems to be what you are looking for. This is the same process that most people use when they search. That’s why more than half of all clicks go to the very first organic result.

When someone is searching for “Mechanics in Atlanta”, they are most likely going to click the first result they see that’s not a paid ad. There’s a slight chance that they will click the second result. There’s even less of a chance that they will click the third result. By the time you reach the bottom of the page there is less than a 1 percent chance they will click a link.

By considering these stats, it’s safe to assume that you need a Philadelphia SEO firm to place your site in the top three listings for particular search phrases. If you aren’t in the top three, then it’s highly unlikely you will get any significant traffic from Google. That’s a huge blow for a website because more than 80 percent of all online traffic originates from a search engine.

When someone goes online, one of two possible things happens (in most cases):

1. They type in an exact URL that they are familiar with.

2. They search something via a search engine.

Get Help From Philadelphia Marketing Agencies.

Using social media might seem like second nature, but SMM is something entirely different. It’s a fairly young marketing strategy in comparison to some others. Many of the techniques that are most effective will change soon and then change again. It is still a constantly evolving field that requires attention around the clock to be successful.

You shouldn’t have to deal with running a business and an intense marketing campaign at the same time. Instead, focus on providing quality products and customer service while the marketing agency focuses on building your online presence.

A marketing agency will take the time to evaluate each and every post made on behalf of a company’s profile. There are no blunders or emotional posts that might ruin a company’s reputation. Every post is based on experience, research, and calculations. Social media marketing is a complicated, yet powerful tool. When used properly, it can launch your business to entirely new heights.